Babysitter Soundtrack is a compilation album from the Clearstime series BABYSITTER. The album features songs primarily from seasons 1 and 2 of the series. It was released in mid-2012.

It was proceeded by Babysitter Soundtrack II, which was released in April 2012.


  1. "We Are Family (Theme Song)" performed by Peyton List featuring the Babysitter Cast.
  2. "International Superstar" performed by Raven Symone.
  3. "Get In The Game" performed by Kyle Massey.
  4. "Standing There With You" performed by Peyton List.
  5. "The Cay" performed by Mark Galla.
  6. "Life In Chicago" performed by Peyton List.
  7. "Jumpstart" performed by the Babysitter Cast featuring Dorothy Pat.
  8. "Set It Off" performed by JJ Martin.
  9. "We Are Make It Work" performed by Peyton List and Caroline Tiloason.
  10. "Babysitter Remix"


  • We Are Family, Standing There With You and The Cay (somewhat) are the only unoriginal songs from the album. They are covers of the songs by the original artists Sister Sledge and Sylvia respectfully. The Cay is a song by Mark Galla himself, however it was released around a year prior to this sountrack's release.
  • We Are Family and Babysitter Remix were the only songs that were not performed or featured in any episodes. 
    • A slowed down version of We Are Family was performed in the series finale (titled We Are Family respectfully), however that episode aired over two and a half years after this soundtrack was released.
  • Life In Chicago was later re-recorded by the lead star of the show's spin-off series Now, That Is What I Call Babysitting!.