Babysitter Soundtrack II is a compilation album from the Clearstime series BABYSITTER. The album features songs primarily from seasons 2 and 3 of the series. It was released in early-mid 2013.

It proceeds Babysitter Soundtrack, which was released in mid-2011.


  1. "The Scones Song" performed by Anne-Marie Johnson featuring Peyton List, Kyle Massey, Nausheen Ali and Mark Galla.
  2. "Dirty Cheater" performed by Peyton List and Nausheen Ali.
  3. "Heard It On The Radio" performed by Ross Lynch.
  4. "Babysitter It Up Theme Song" performed by Selena Gomez & The Scene and Peyton List.
  5. "Wings" performed by Babysitter It Up Girlz.
  6. "Sand, Sand, Sand" performed by Peyton List.
  7. "I Thought You Were The One" performed by Peyton List featuring the Babysitter Cast.
  8. "Watch Me" performed by Peyton List.
  9. "Funtastic" performed by Peyton List and Kyle Massey.
  10. "Wall To Climb" performed by Peyton List.
  11. "Best Friends Forever, Should Always Stick Together" performed by Peyton List and Bella Thorne.
  12. "Ready Or Not" performed by Peyton List.


  • Peyton List is featured on every song except for Heard It On The Radio.