Get In The Game
Artist(s): Kyle Massey
Album: Babysitter Soundtrack
Recorded: 2011
Released: 2011
Writer(s): Unknown

Get In The Game is a song recorded by Kyle Massey. It was featured in the BABYSITTER episode International Superstar. The studio version was released with the Babysitter Soundtrack in mid-2012, and the song, as well as the episode, were produced in 2011.

The song can be described as a slowed-down, more R&B version of Get'cha Head in the Game by Drew Seeley.

In the Show

Madison is over the moon when her favourite TV show (called "International Superstar") is coming to her school. Samuel performs this song in front of the talent scout (disguised as a janitor) on the basketball court along with his teammates.


  • Bella Thorne recorded a cover of this song, and it was performed in the Shake It Up episode Funk It Up.
  • The song's performance was inspired by Eddie's rap from That's So Raven, complete with simlar choreo and the bouncing of the balls in unison in the bridge.
  • This is the first song Kyle Massey recorded for the show. It is also his first and only solo song. Any other songs he recorded were either performed along with the Babysitter Cast or were duets with Peyton List.
  • Oddly enough, Samuel was never actually shown on the basketball team again.