♫ Hey baby, I think I wanna date you... ♫
— Simon singing to Madison in The Lady and The Cramp

General Information
Shipped Characters Madison and Simon
Length of Relationship 2012-2014
Status Dated once
Rivals Mamuel

Mimon is the romantic pairing of Madison (M/adison) and Simon (S/imon) in BABYSITTER. Their relationship is first showcased in The Book of Secrets when Madison and Simon date, but Madison shortly finds out that Simon was cheating on her. Simon doesn't appear again until Dirty Cheaters when Madison asks him to help her rehearse lines for drama class. Samuel catches them in the act and automatically assumes that Madison was cheating on him. In The Lady and The Cramp, it is revealed Simon still had feelings for Madison and put on a show to try to impress her. Although, Madison visualizes Simon's performance as Samuel serenading her and accidently calls him "Samuel" when thanking him. Madison was left to choose between Simon or Samuel, and she indirectly chose Samuel. They agreed to be friends afterwards. Although Simon appears in season 4, him and Madison don't interact that often.

It is one of the rival pairings to Mamuel.


Relationship #1 (Unknown - 2.16)

  • Start Up: Before The Book Of Secrets
  • Break Up: The Book Of Secrets

Reason for Break Up: According to the Book of Secrets, Simon was secretly cheating on her. This was proven right after Simon and Loretta hooked up after Madison's humiliation performance.

Other hints in between:

  • Madison rehearsed romantic lines with Simon in Dirty Cheaters and almost kissed him.