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Peyton List
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Born: April 6, 1998
Character: Madison
Occupation: Actress, model, singer
Years Active: 2003-present

Peyton Roi List is an American teen actress, singer, model, and a member of the Zendellaneyton along with Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman and Nausheen Ali. She is best known for portraying the role of Madison in the fictional Clearstime series BABYSITTER and Holly Hills in the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid film series.

Life and Career

(Source: Wikipedia)

List was born in Florida, but moved to New York City at the age of four. She has two brothers, Spencer (her twin) and Phoenix; both are actors and models. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

List has been a 2011 model for Justice magazine. She has also appeared on the cover of the American Girl's 2009 Back to School issue. She appeared alongside Robert Pattinson in the film Remember Me. In 2010, List appeared in the Disney film The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and in Lifetime Movie Network's Secrets in the Walls, alongside Jeri Ryan and Kay Panabaker. List began modeling both by herself and with her brother Spencer. She has appeared in over four hundred advertisements in various formats for various companies.

List also starred in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

2011-2015: Babysitter

List auditioned for the role of Madison in 2010, and was cast among the hundreds of actresses who auditioned. The Pilot episode for the series was filmed in December 2010. The series was then picked up for two seasons straight away, as both seasons were filmed from February 2011 - April 2012. In 2014, it was announced that the series would end after the fourth season; as filming wrapped up in May 2014. Through-out the 100 episode-run, the show has been praised by critics as the "television show of the century" and is considered as List's most recognizable role yet.

2012: Music Debut

In 2012, List signed a record deal with Republic Records. She released her debut single titled "Ready Or Not" in September 2012. She released her debut album "Hello, My Name Is..." in November 2012.

2013: Babysitter It Up Girlz Formation

In December 2012, the casts of Babysitter and the Disney Channel series Shake It Up came together to film a special crossover episode titled "Babysitter It Up". Filming for the episode concluded on January 10, 2013. The episode showcased List, Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman and Nausheen Ali perform the song "Wings". After observing the girl's chemistry and how well they fit in with each other, executive producers Rachel MorCox and Rob Lotterstein agreed to sign the four girls to a record deal with Clearstime Records and Sony Music; thus forming the band on January 14, 2013.

The girls released "Wings" as their first single, accompanied by a music video featuring the girls and both of Babysitter and Shake It Up's casts. Following the single's success, the girls released their debut self-titled album. They also released the following singles from the album throughout 2013:

  • Change Your Life
  • How Ya Doin' (ft. Karin Konoval)
  • DNA
  • Going Nowhere
  • Madhouse

2014: Babysitter It Up Girlz Renaming and Me Being Me


The Babysitter It Up Girlz was rebranded to Zendellaneyton upon signing a record deal with RCA records.

Through out the second half of 2013 and early 2014, the BIUGz were recording their second studio album, following the first one's success. However, their contract with Clearstime Records was expired, after only signing for a one year deal. The girls were then signed onto RCA Records and were renamed to Zendellaneyton prior to their second album's release. They debuted their first single off of their album titled "Move" in March 2014, and released their second album "Salute" later that year. They also released the following singles from their album throughout 2014:

  • Little Me
  • Salute

They also released a single titled "Word Up!", which was a cover of the original song by Cameo. The song and the accompanying music video was released to raise self-awareness of different forms of bullying.

List also released her second studio album's debut single titled "Better In Stereo" in 2014, and released her second album "Me Being Me" later that year.

2015-2016: Get Weird and World Tour


Zendellaneyton during the Get Weird era.

After having trouble writing their third studio album, Zendellaneyton finally released the lead single off of the album titled "Black Magic" in mid-2015. The song debuted at number one on the American iTunes chart upon its release. They also released "Hair" as a promotional single in November 2015 with an accompanying music video prior to the album's release in December 2015. The girls also released "Love Me Like You" on January 1, 2016, and released their next single "Secret Love Song" (which features Kyle Massey) on April 29, 2016. Also, the newcomer rapper and vocalist RAGHI. announced that he was featured in a remix of Zendellaneyton's single "Hair" in June 2016. Following that, a new music video featuring elements from the girls' original video along with RAGHI.'s verses (featuring footage that was filmed separately and later than the original video) was uploaded onto Zendellaneyton's VEVO channel in July 2016. The "Hair" remix was then re-released as a single and the girls have performed the remix at several gigs; such as the 2016 Teen Choice Awards and The Ellen Show.

On February 16, 2016, the girls embarked on their third arena tour; as well as their first world tour, titled the We're Weird! World Tour. The tour traveled to United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania. It ended on September 20, 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand.

2016: Tightened Love

In November 2015, List revealed the name of her third studio album on her Twitter; titled "Tightened Love". She released the lead single off of the album titled "NO" on April 6, 2016 (on her 18th birthday). The single was List's highest debuted song, after it charted number 1 in over 30 countries. The music video was released on April 16, 2016. She then released her follow-up single "Me Too (feat. Maya Joseph)" with the accompanying music video on June 21, 2016; one day prior to the album's release.

Tightened Love was released on June 22, 2016 and debuted number one in over 50 countries.

List released "Rainfall (ft. Nausheen Ali)" as the third single from the album in November 2016. The music video began production in late September-early October 2016. List has stated about the video, "It [the music video] will be more of a short-film with the song being its score. The video will tell a story from two girls' perspectives. It is different to anything that I have done in the past, and I've always wanted to act in one of my own music videos."

2016/2017: Glory Days and short hiatus

In mid-June 2016, List revealed that the girls have started working on their fourth studio album, Glory Days. It was also revealed that they wanted the entire album to be recorded by the end of 2016 and that the lead single from the album will be released in October 2016.

The music video for "Shout Out To My Ex" (the lead single) was filmed from September 23-26 2016. The song was released on October 28, 2016 after the girls performed it on Good Morning America, and the accompanied music video was released on November 4, 2016.

Zendellaneyton officially finished recording the album on October 15, 2016, and the album was released in mid-December 2016.

The girls have also announced on November 13, 2016 that they would be taking a short hiatus between February and August of 2017 to focus on their careers outside of the group. It was said that the girls would still occasionally hang-out with each other and film music videos for their next singles together.

In mid-January 2017, it was announced that Peyton List will perform her new single with Charlie Puth titled, "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" at the Grammy Awards.

Zendellaneyton announced via a pre-recorded video on their social media on March 3, 2017 that their next single from the album is "Touch". The music video was shot in early January 2017 and was released on March 17, 2017. The proceeding music video, "Oops" featuring Charlie Puth was released in early May 2017.

The girls returned from their hiatus from August 1, 2017. They released the music video for their latest single "Power" on the same day. This single will be the final released from the Glory Days album.

September 2017-present: Hold Her Hand and Glory Days television series

List announced via her social media in early September 2017 that she founded the Hold Her Hand foundation, which aims to help the GLBTI community gain equality without fear or prejudice. She announced via the platform that she initially founded the foundation after the discrimination she and her girlfriend Krissy Saleh faced earlier this year.

To coincide with the foundation, List and her team designed special wristbands which help to raise awareness about the cause. The wristbands include a symbol representing each component of the GLBTI community, as there is one wristband per sexual or gender identity (for example, "gay", "lesbian", "bisexual", "transgender", "intersex", "queer" and "questioning"). There is also a wristband with the "=" sign, which represents the general public and heterosexual individuals who support the cause.

In addition, List released a single of the same name of the foundation on September 15, 2017. A music video to the single was also released on her Vevo channel on the same day, and features various same-sex and interracial couples in it. Peyton and her girlfriend Krissy also make a cameo in the music video towards the end.

September 18, 2017 began the production of the Netflix series, Glory Days, which stars List and the other members of Zendellaneyton. The series was picked up for a 10 episode first season and the first episode is due to be available for streaming on March 15, 2018.

The girls of Zendellaneyton are also featured on a remixed version of the Spanish boyband CNCO's single Reggaeton Lento. The video was filmed in August 2017 and is the song was released on October 31, 2017.

On December 7, 2017, the group announced via their social media that they will be releasing a reissued version of Glory Days (Glory Days: The Platinum Edition) to commemorate their fifth anniversary as a group. The album features Reggaeton Lento (Remix), studio versions of their covers of "Hello" and "Lady Marmalade" and a DVD featuring all of the music videos the girls released during the Glory Days era (Shout Out to My Ex, Touch, Oops, Power and Reggaeton Lento [Remix]); as well as a "surprise" music video (Is Your Love Enough?). In addition, fans who pre-ordered the album on iTunes received an exclusive sneak peek of the first episode of the Glory Days TV series. It was released on January 14, 2018.

The girls also released tour dates for their 2018 world tour and an official trailer for their Netflix series on January 14, 2018. They guest-starred on Saturday Night Live on the night before the anniversary date.

February-October 2018: #PL4 Era, Glory Days Tour and #Z5

On February 15, 2018, Peyton teased a plain white photo with a mini bisexual pride flag in the bottom right-hand corner via Instagram and Twitter. She also changed her profile picture to a plain white circle/square; which hints at a new album era.

On February 20 (a few days later), Peyton dropped a teaser for her next single entitled Dusk Till Dawn, which was released on March 2nd.

Zendellaneyton embarked on their second worldwide tour,

Peyton recording #Z5.

the Glory Days Tour, on April 13, 2018. The girls have also begun writing and recording songs from their 5th studio album (currently known as #Z5) simultaneously with the tour. They were pictured in the studio in May 2018 and Peyton posted a photo on Instagram on June 12 teasing the album's recording. 

November 2018-present: Liar Liar, LYING BESIDE HER and Woman Like Me

On November 2, 2018, Peyton released her single Liar Liar, and the accompanying music video was released on December 10. This is the second single from her fifth studio album LYING BESIDE HER. The name for her album was revealed through a series of Instagram pictures.

On December 14, 2018, Zendellaneyton posted a snippet of a song on their upcoming album Z5 called "Joan of Arc" on Instagram. They also gave their fans a "Christmas present" which revealed the title of the first single from their new album (Woman Like Me featuring Nicki Minaj). The music video of the song was filmed in October 2018. The song and music video are due to be released on January 11, 2019.

Personal life


Charlie Puth (December 2016 - April 2017)


List was formerly dating the American singer and songwriter Charlie Puth. The two of them met backstage at the 2015 American Music Awards and deeply expressed their admiration for one another. Puth then formed a close friendship with List and the other girls of Zendellaneyton. He was asked to have a role in Zendellaneyton's "Black Magic" music video, in which he accepted. Puth sung a line for the single, "And it's called black magic" at the end of the final chorus (however this line wasn't recorded for the studio version of the song).

They initially hooked up in the summer of 2016 but called off their two-week relationship for unknown reasons. They also collaborated on a series of songs; most notably "Wrong" from Peyton's album Tightened Love, "Oops" from Zendellaneyton's album Glory Days and "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.

The couple had rumored to have split after fans were quick to notice that they have pushed back the dates for their "I Don't Wanna Live Forever Tour" (which was due to embark in early May 2017) and had unfollowed each other on social media. It was then announced on April 18, 2017 that the pair had split up due to Puth's careless actions towards Peyton's wellbeing. Peyton released via her representatives that Puth dumped her via text message the previous night and that whilst she was struggling to deal with her best friend's [Nausheen's] car accident, he wasn't there to support her. Since then, their tour dates have been cancelled and they are no longer on speaking terms.

Krissy Saleh (May 2017 - November 11, 2017, November 28, 2018 - present)

Capture 2

After coming out as bisexual in May 2017, List confirmed that she was romantically linked with her photographer Krissy Saleh as of late May. List confirmed the relationship on June 13, 2017. She has stated, "The relationship is in its early stages at the moment. We seem to really like each other. I've known her for about a year and always known that she loved women just as much as me! I didn't think of becoming anything more than friends with her until I realized that I was already out of the closet and was ready to date again [after Charlie Puth]. On the night of the Billboard Music Awards, I went to dinner with Nausheen [Ali] and she asked me, 'So now that you're open to dating other women, who are you thinking of dating? Besides me of course,' and I had to think about it for a minute. My attention was immediately drawn to Krissy, and Nausheen was all in for it. [...] We'd both much rather keep our relationship private at the moment. Krissy isn't much of a spotlight person...she's totally the opposite to me! She's always behind the camera anyway. [...] I really want this relationship to last. I don't want to jinx things."

On July 1, 2017, controversy struck the couple as they were both kicked out of a restaurant due to making the restaurant-goers "uncomfortable". Krissy supposedly stood up for her and Peyton by telling the restaurant staff, "Are you f***ing serious?! Why the f*** would you kick us out of a restaurant?! We're barely holding hands!" This prompted security to grab them by the arms and lead them out while accidentally giving Peyton a black eye in the process. Krissy ended the disruption by saying, "Do you f***ing know who this [Peyton] is?! She's a celebrity around here." One of the restaurant staff told her, "Yes, we are aware. You two were being inappropriate whilst there were young children present. Perhaps if you were Nausheen Ali, we would've allowed you to stay." This affected Peyton deeply, as she posted on her social media several hours later, "I'm saddened and heartbroken to find out that I cannot be seen in public with whoever I want. I've been probed under a microscope for the past 4 years, pretending to be something I'm not. I finally get to be myself and society doesn't accept it unless I'm involved in an overly publicized relationship ["Neyton"]? That's shattering. I'm sure if I was with a boy, this situation would've ended a lot differently."

Nausheen Ali was also hurt by this, as she felt like it was her own fault for publicizing the rumored relationship between her and Peyton. Nausheen claimed that she had a mental break-down when she found out what happened to her best friend, and told everyone that she felt "powerless" in the situation.

The pair also caused controversy on July 14 when Peyton posted a picture of her and Krissy kissing on her Instagram. This prompted homophobic comments from her followers. After seeing such negative comments on her post, Peyton tweeted, "I post one pic of my girlfriend and I kissing and I receive comments like "ew" and "that's gay". [...] "I thought that we learnt our lesson from two weeks ago, but apparently our relationship is still not accepted."

The couple officially split on November 11, 2017, however they still remain close friends. List received backlash on social media following the split, as it was rumored that Peyton cheated on Krissy (which sparked from a since-deleted tweet that Krissy shared, "You know what hurts? Watching someone you love fall in love with someone else..."). This prompted users on Twitter to trend "#PeytonListIsCancelled" and talk bad about Peyton whilst comparing her to her band mate and ex-costar Nausheen Ali; whom she was rumored to cheat with. List responded to the rumors a few hours later by tweeting, "I have not and will never cheat on anyone in my life. Krissy holds too much of a place in my heart for me to do that to her. For now it's become more and more difficult for us to be together. We've decided to remain friends and I wish Krissy the best of luck with her future endeavors."

Pey and Krissy November 2018

Their "got back together" selfie from November 2018.

Just a little bit over a year after they broke up, the couple rekindled an old flame after spending an entire night together in late November 2018. According to TMZ and both Krissy and Peyton's Instagram stories, they have been hanging out quite often. This came after the alleged rumour that Peyton and her bandmate Nausheen Ali are in a big fight (which spanned from Nausheen unfollowing Peyton on Instagram).

The couple were spotted on the beach together on December 22nd. They were photographed hugging and kissing, and they were reportedly "making out". Krissy jokingly tweeted (in response to the backlash they received), "Peyton and I were legit making out at the beach and people around us were chanting "get a room" and we actually did :)" and "FYI ladies and gents, Peyton is VERY good in the bedroom!!!". Additionally, a viral tweet which quoted a Peyton List update account's tweet stated, "Madison really dyed her hair and is out here kissing girls. I wonder if Samuel approves". Peyton responded to the tweet with laugh-cry emojis and retweeted it.


Hayley Kiyoko (July 2018; rumour)

Hayley Kiyoko

Peyton was rumoured to be dating the American actress and singer Hayley Kiyoko. Hayley reportedly attended Zendellaneyton's July 8th concert in Buenos Aires in support of Peyton, and the two of them reportedly hung out after the show. They were also photographed while they went shopping together a few days later.

The rumours circulated after Hayley blushed in a livestream when fans shouted out "Peyton List"; when she was asked who her celebrity crush was. After this, Peyton openly shared her support for Hayley's album and they tweeted their admiration for each other.

During a backstage interview at the VMAs (in August 2018), the interviewer asked Hayley about her relationship with Peyton, but she debunked the rumours when she said that they were just friends. However, she looked at the camera and said, "Hey, Peyton List, if you're watching this and you want to date someone, hit me up!", meaning that she still does in fact have a crush on Peyton. Peyton also debunked the rumours in a Facebook livestream which occured a few days after Hayley's interview, after the host asked Peyton about Hayley.

On December 6, 2018, Hayley mentioned Peyton in her Billboard Women in Music Rising Star Award speech. She said, "I'm excited to just meet you. Um, I was like flirting with Peyton up there, there's a lot of people...". The camera then cut to Peyton looking to the side and blushing. Peyton also commented on Hayley's Instagram post, "Thank you for flirting with me."

On December 18, 2018, Peyton unveiled the tracklist to her fourth studio album Lying Beside Her. The album includes a song titled "Put It In Practice" which features Hayley. Hayley shared her love and admiration for Peyton by quoting her tweet (the one announcing the tracklist) with, "Yes! I'm so proud to be making this record with you, sis 🌈". Kiyoko also posted a picture of List's album cover with a long caption on Instagram supporting her. She also revealed in the comments that she produced half the album with Peyton over the summer.

Hayley will also be featured on the track "More Than Words" from Zendellaneyton's album Z5. For now it's unannounced, however Hayley revealed that in addition to Peyton's album, they still have a few surprises up their sleeves.

Real-Life References


  • On September, 9 2016, Peyton posted a few references to Zendellaneyton on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. This includes:
  • On January 20, 2017, Peyton posted a video on her snapchat featuring the song, "Shout Out To My Ex".
Peyton in LM video
  • On July 11, 2018, Little Mix unveiled a teaser for their music video for their new single "Only You". Coincidentally, Peyton has a major starring role in the notable LGBTQ-themed video. The music video was released on July 13, 2018. This is coincidental because:
    • Obviously, Peyton is a member of Zendellaneyton (which is an alternative to the real-life Little Mix) and takes the place of Perrie. A lot of fans have commented saying that Peyton resembles Perrie in some way in the video.
    • In this fictional universe, Peyton is bisexual and has had a female love interest (played by Yara Shahidi) in her music video for Dusk Till Dawn.
Cheat Codes, Little Mix - Only You (Official Video)

Cheat Codes, Little Mix - Only You (Official Video)

Solo Career

The official trailer for the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, The Swap, starring Peyton List, was released in early September 2016. The trailer features the song "Me Too", which is fictionally sung by Peyton List ft. Maya Joseph.

The Swap - TRAILER - Disney Channel Original Movie

The Swap - TRAILER - Disney Channel Original Movie


Year Title Role Notes
2002 As the World Turns Little girl at diner 1 episode
2004 Spider Man-2 Little Girl Extra
2004 All My Children Bess 1 episode
2007 The Product of 3c Young Winnie Short film
2007 Saturday Night Live Little Girl "Angry Dog" segment
2008 The Wonder Pets Chick No.1 Episode: "Kalamazoo"hi
2008 27 Dresses Young Jane Nichols Minor Role
2008 Remember Back, Remember Then Luna Episode: Short film
2008 Cashmere Mafia Sasha Burden 4 episodes
2009 Confessions of a Shopaholic Shoestore Girl No.2 Extra
2009 Gossip Girl Young Girl No.1 Episode: Enough About Eve
2010 3 Backyards Emily
2010 Remember Me Samantha
2010 The Trouble With Cali Young Cali Bluejones Post production
2010 Bereavement Wendy
2010 The Sorcerer's Apprentice Young Becky Minor role
2010 Secrets in the Walls Molly Television movie
2010 Miriam's Song Miriam Short film; post production
2011 Something Burrowed Young Darcy Minor Role
2011 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Young Brandy/Larissa Episode: "Possessed"
2011 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid:Rodrick Rules Holly Hills Major Role
2011 Spontaneous Madison Crossover (Part 2): Babysitter Meets Spontaneous
2011-2014 BABYSITTER Madison Lead role
2012 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid:Dog Days Holly Hills Major Role
2014 I Didn't Do It Sherri Guest star
2014 Babysitter: The Movie Madison Main role

Music Videos

Year Main Artist Song Album
2011 Babysitter Cast ft. Dorothy Pat Jumpstart Babysitter Sound Track
2011 Peyton List Life In Chicago Babysitter Sound Track
2012 Peyton List Ready Or Not Hello...My Name Is
2012 Peyton List Wall To Climb Babysitter Sound Track II/Hello...My Name Is
2012 Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast I Thought You Were The One Babysitter Sound Track II
2013 Peyton List Leave It All To Me Hello...My Name Is
2013 Peyton List ft. Bella Thorne Best Friends Forever, Should Always Stick Together Babysitter Sound Track II
2013 Babsitter It Up Girlz Wings Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Babysitter It Up Girlz Change Your Life Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Babysitter It Up Girlz ft. Karin Konoval How Ya Doin'? Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Peyton List Hurricane Hello...My Name Is
2013 Babysitter It Up Girlz Going Nowhere Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Babysitter It Up Girlz DNA Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Babysitter It Up Girlz Madhouse Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Peyton List Kissin' You Me Being Me
2013 Peyton List Better In Stereo Me Being Me
2013 Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast We Are Family (8 minute version) Babysitter:The Movie Soundtrack (EP)
2013 Pharrell Williams Happy Single release/G I R L
2014 Zendellaneyton Move Salute
2014 Zendellaneyton Little Me Salute
2014 Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast Thinking of You Single release
2014 Zendellaneyton Salute Salute
2015 Peyton List Count Me In Me Being Me
2015 Zendellaneyton Black Magic Get Weird
2015 Zendellaneyton Hair Get Weird
2016 Zendellaneyton Love Me Like You Get Weird
2016 Peyton List NO Tightened Love
2016 Zendellaneyton ft. Kyle Massey Secret Love Song Get Weird
2016 Peyton List ft. Maya Joseph Me Too Tightened Love
2016 Zendellaneyton ft. RAGHI. Hair* Get Weird
2016 Zendellaneyton Shout Out To My Ex Glory Days
2016 Peyton List ft. Nausheen Ali Rainfall Tightened Love
2017 Charlie Puth ft. Peyton List I Don't Wanna Live Forever Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack
2017 Zendellaneyton Touch Glory Days
2017 Zendellaneyton ft. Charlie Puth Oops Glory Days
2017 Zendellaneyton Power Glory Days
2017 Peyton List Hold Her Hand Single release
2017 CNCO ft. Zendellaneyton Reggaetón Lento (Remix) Single release
2018 Zendellaneyton Is Your Love Enough? Glory Days: The Platinum Edition
2018 Peyton List Dusk Till Dawn LYING BESIDE HER
2018 Peyton List Liar Liar LYING BESIDE HER
2019 Zendellaneyton ft. Nicki Minaj Woman Like Me Z5
2019 Zendellaneyton ft. Sharaya J Strip Z5

* The music video is for a remixed version of the song featuring the rapper and singer RAGHI.. The music features elements from the original Hair music video released in November 2015, however RAGHI.'s parts were filmed separate and edited into the original music video.


Through out Peyton's entire music career, she's has released and/or have been featured in 8 albums (3 of them of which are her personal albums, 2 of them of which are from Babysitter and 4 of them which are with Zendellaneyton) and 1 EP.


  • Babysitter Soundtrack (2012)
  • Hello...My Name Is (2012)
  • Babysitter Sound Track II (2013)
  • Babysitter It Up Girlz (2013)
  • Me Being Me (2014)
  • Salute (2014)
  • Get Weird (2015)
  • Tightened Love (2016)
  • Glory Days (2016)
  • Glory Days: Platinum Edition (2018)
  • Z5 (2019)


  • Babysitter: The Movie Soundtrack (2014)

Album Gallery

Album Tracklisting

Babysitter Soundtrack (2012)

Track number Song Singer Notes
1 "We Are Family" Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast Theme song
2 "International Superstar" Raven Symone Sung in episode "International Superstar"
Nausheen Ali lip-synced the song in the episode
3 "Get In The Game" Kyle Massey Sung in episode "International Superstar"
4 "Standing There With You" Peyton List Sung in episode "International Superstar"
5 "The Cay" Mark Galla Briefly sung in episode "International Superstar"
6 "Life In Chicago" Peyton List Sung and music video shown in episode "Dreams Come Alive"
7 "Jumpstart" Babysitter Cast ft. Dorothy Pat Sung in "Christmas Cheers"
8 "Set It Off" JJ Martin Sung in "Dreams Come Alive" and "Christmas Cheers"
9 "We Are Make It Work" Peyton List ft. Caroline Tiloason Sung in episode "Babysitter Meets Spontaneous"
10 "Babysitter Remix" Various artists Remix of all songs on album

Hello...My Name Is (2012)

Track number Song Singer
1 "Ready Or Not" Peyton List
2 "Hurricane" Peyton List
3 "Wall To Climb" Peyton List
4 "Leave It All To Me" Peyton List
5 "Top of the World" Peyton List
6 "Forgot to Laugh" Peyton List
7 "City Lights" Peyton List
8 "All I See Is Gold" Peyton List
9 "The Fall Song" Peyton List
10 "Love Will Tell Us Where To Go" Peyton List
11 "Blonde" Peyton List
12 "Rocks at My Window" Peyton List
13 "5:15" Peyton List
14 "Hold On For Dear Love" Peyton List

Babysitter Soundtrack II (2013)

Track number Song Singer Notes
1 "The Scones Song" Anne-Marie Johnson ft. Babysitter Cast Sung in episode "Secret You Can't Hold"
2 "Dirty Cheater" Peyton List ft. Nausheen Ali Sung in episode "The Book Of Secrets"
3 "Heard It On The Radio" Ross Lynch Sung briefly in episode "Crushed"
4 "Babysitter It Up (Theme Song)" Selena Gomez & The scene ft. Peyton List Mash-up theme song of "Babysitter It Up"
5 "Wings" Babysitter It Up Girlz Sung in "Babysitter It Up"
6 "Sand, Sand, Sand" Peyton List Sung in episode "Sand For Thought"
7 "I Thought You Were The One" Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast Heard in episode "Dirty Cheaters"
8 "Watch Me" Peyton List Sung in "Babysitter It Up"
Cover of original song by Bella Thorne and Zendaya
9 "Funtastic" Peyton List ft. Kyle Massey Sung in episode "A Wonderful Thanksgiving"
10 "Wall To Climb" Peyton List Sung in episodes "Switcheroo", "Crushed" and "Babysitter It Up"
11 "Best Friends Forever, Should Always Stick Together" Peyton List ft. Bella Thorne Briefly sung in "Babysitter Meets Spontaneous" without Bella Thorne
12 "Ready Or Not" Peyton List Bonus track

Babysitter It Up Girlz (2013)

Track number Song Singer
1 "Wings" Babysitter It Up Girlz
2 "DNA" Babysitter It Up Girlz
3 "Change Your Life" Babysitter It Up Girlz
4 "Always Be Together" Babysitter It Up Girlz
5 "Stereo Soldier" Babysitter It Up Girlz
6 "Pretend It's OK" Babysitter It Up Girlz
7 "Turn Your Face" Babysitter It Up Girlz
8 "We Are Who We Are" Babysitter It Up Girlz
9 "How Ya Doin'?" Babysitter It Up Girlz
10 "Red Planet" Babysitter It Up Girlz ft. Karin Konoval
11 "Going Nowhere" Babysitter It Up Girlz
12 "Madhouse" Babysitter It Up Girlz

Me Being Me (2014)

Track number Song Singer
1 "Me Being Me" Peyton List
2 "Better In Stereo" Peyton List
3 "Kissin' You" Peyton List
4 "Love Is Just A Word" Peyton List
5 "I'm On Top of the World" Peyton List
6 "Hey Boy" Peyton List
7 "Let It Snow" Peyton List
8 "I Found You" Peyton List
9 "Count Me In" Peyton List
10 "Give Me Your Heart" Peyton List
11 "Betrayed" Peyton List ft. Nausheen Ali
12 "My Heart Stops" Peyton List
13 "Sharin' Your Love" Peyton List
14 Title Unknown Peyton List

Babysitter: The Movie Soundtrack (2014)

Track number Song Singer Notes
1 "We Are Family (Full Version)" Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast Music video released to promote Babysitter movie
2 "You're The One That I Want" Peyton List and Kyle Massey Sung in the movie
3 "I Just Wanna Be With You" Peyton List, Kyle Massey, Jake Goodman and Nausheen Ali Sung in season 4 episode "The Boy Who Cried Girlfriend"
4 "We Are Family Remix" Peyton List ft. Babysitter cast Remix of theme song

Salute (2014)

Track number Song Singer
1 "Salute" Zendellaneyton 
2 "Move" Zendellaneyton 
3 "Little Me" Zendellaneyton
4 "Nothing Feels Like You" Zendellaneyton 
5 "Towers" Zendellaneyton 
6 "Competition" Zendellaneyton 
7 "These Four Walls" Zendellaneyton 
8 "About The Boy" Zendellaneyton 
9 "Boy" Zendellaneyton 
10 "Good Enough" Zendellaneyton 
11 "Mr. Loverboy" Zendellaneyton 
12 "A Different Beat" Zendellaneyton 
13 "See Me Now" Zendellaneyton 
14 "They Just Don't Know You" Zendellaneyton 
15 "Stand Down" Zendellaneyton 
16 "Little Me (Unplugged)" Zendellaneyton 

Get Weird (2015)

Track number Song Singer
1 "Black Magic" Zendellaneyton 
2 "Love Me Like You" Zendellaneyton 
3 "Weird People" * Zendellaneyton
4 "Secret Love Song" Zendellaneyton ft. Kyle Massey 
5 "Hair" * Zendellaneyton 
6 "Grown" Zendellaneyton 
7 "I Love You" Zendellaneyton 
8 "OMG" Zendellaneyton 
9 "Lightning" Zendellaneyton 
10 "A.D.I.D.A.S" * Zendellaneyton 
11 "Love Me or Leave Me" Zendellaneyton 
12 "The End" Zendellaneyton 
13 "I Won't" Zendellaneyton 

"Secret Love Song Pt. II"

15 "Clued Up" Zendellaneyton 
16 "The Beginning" Zendellaneyton 

* The song is listed as explicit, meaning that the lyrics or context of the song may be unsuitable for young children.

Tightened Love (2016)

Track number Song Singer
1 "Tightened Love (Intro)" Peyton List
2 "NO" Peyton List
3 "Rainfall" Peyton List ft. Nausheen Ali
4 "Secret Love Song (Duet Version)" Peyton List ft. Kyle Massey
5 "Me Too" Peyton List ft. Maya Joseph
6 "Yesterday" Peyton List
7 "Fool For You" Peyton List
8 "Smile" Peyton List
9 "Heart Bursts, Lips Throb, Body Screaming" Peyton List
10 "Golden" Peyton List
11 "Wrong" Peyton List ft. Charlie Puth
12 "Tightened Love" Peyton List
13 "Laugh Inside Me" Peyton List
14 "Champagne Problems" Peyton List
15 "Wanna Be Loved By You" Peyton List
16 "Ashamed" Peyton List

Glory Days (2016)

Track number Song Singer
1 "Shout Out To My Ex" Zendellaneyton
2 "Touch" Zendellaneyton
3 "F.U."* Zendellaneyton
4 "Oops" Zendellaneyton ft. Charlie Puth
5 "You Gotta Not"* Zendellaneyton
6 "Down & Dirty"* Zendellaneyton
7 "Power" Zendellaneyton
8 "Your Love" Zendellaneyton
9 "Nobody Like You" Zendellaneyton
10 "No More Sad Songs" Zendellaneyton
11 "Private Show"* Zendellaneyton
12 "Nothing Else Matters" Zendellaneyton
13 "Beep Beep"* Zendellaneyton
14 "Freak" Zendellaneyton
15 "Touch (Acoustic)" Zendellaneyton
16 "Black Magic (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
17 "Move (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
18 "How Ya Doin' (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
19 "Change Your Life (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
20 "I Love You (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
21 "Secret Love Song Pt. II (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
22 "Love Me Like You (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
23 "Grown (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
24 "A.D.I.D.A.S. (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
25 "DNA/Pillowtalk (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
26 "Wings (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
27 "Salute (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
28 "Lady Marmalade (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
29 "Hair (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
30 "Love Me Or Leave Me (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
31 "Hello (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
32 "The End (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
33 "Lightning (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
34 "OMG (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton
35 "Weird People (We're Weird Tour Live from STAPLES Centre)" Zendellaneyton

Glory Days: The Platinum Edition (2018)

Track number Song Singer
1 "Shout Out to My Ex" Zendellaneyton
2 "Touch" Zendellaneyton
3 "Reggaeton Lento (Remix)" CNCO & Zendellaneyton
4 "F.U."* Zendellaneyton
5 "Power" Zendellaneyton
6 "Oops" Zendellaneyton ft. Charlie Puth
7 "No More Sad Songs" Zendellaneyton
8 "You Gotta Not"* Zendellaneyton
9 "Down & Dirty"* Zendellaneyton
10 "Your Love" Zendellaneyton
11 "Nobody Like You" Zendellaneyton
12 "Private Show"* Zendellaneyton
13 "Nothing Else Matters" Zendellaneyton
14 "If I Get My Way" Zendellaneyton
15 "Is Your Love Enough?" Zendellaneyton
16 "Dear Lover" Zendellaneyton
17 "Hello (Cover of the original song by Adele)" Zendellaneyton
18 "Lady Marmalade (Cover of the original song by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mýa & Pink)" Zendellaneyton

* The song is listed as explicit, meaning that the lyrics or context of the song may be unsuitable for young children.

Z5 (2019)

Track number Song Singer
1 "The National Manthem"* Zendellaneyton
2 "Woman Like Me"* Zendellaneyton ft. Nicki Minaj
3 "Think About Us" Zendellaneyton
4 "Strip"* Zendellaneyton ft. Sharaya J
5 "Monster In Me" Zendellaneyton
6 "Joan of Arc" Zendellaneyton
7 "Love a Girl Right" Zendellaneyton
8 "American Boy" Zendellaneyton
9 "Told You So" Zendellaneyton
10 "Wasabi"* Zendellaneyton
11 "More Than Words" Zendellaneyton ft. Hayley Kiyoko
12 "Motivate"* Zendellaneyton
13 "Notice" Zendellaneyton
14 "The Cure" Zendellaneyton
15 "Forget You Not" Zendellaneyton
16 "Woman's World" Zendellaneyton
17 "The Cure (Stripped)" Zendellaneyton
18 "Only You" Cheat Codes & Zendellaneyton

* The song is listed as explicit, meaning that the lyrics or context of the song may be unsuitable for young children.

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