I love you, Samuel!
Loretta to Samuel in Dirty Cheaters

General Information
Shipped Characters Samuel and Loretta
Length of Relationship 2011-present
Status On-and-off
Rivals Mamuel

Samretta is the romantic pairing of Samuel (Sam/uel) and Loretta (Lo/retta) in BABYSITTER. It is one of the main rivals to Mamuel, as it is the pairing that broke up Mamuel in the first place.

Other Pairing Names

  • Samretta - (Sam/uel + Lo/retta) - Official name
  • Loruel - (Lor/etta + (Sam/uel)
  • Sametta - (Sam/uel + Lor/etta)
  • Samueloretta - (Samuel + Loretta)
  • Lorettsam - (Lorett/a + Sam/uel)


Relationship #1 (1.8)

  • Start Up: Oh, Loretta
  • Break Up: Oh, Loretta

Reason for Break Up: Samuel notices that Loretta is dumb and he is ready to move onto someone else.

Relationship #2 (1.23-1.24)

  • Start Up: Happy Valentine's Day (Part 1)
  • Break Up: Happy Valentine's Day (Part 2)

Reason for Break Up: Samuel notices Madison sitting alone and decides to make a move on her instead.

Relationship #3 (3.13-Unknown)

  • Start Up: Dirty Cheaters
  • Break Up: Unknown

Reason for Break Up: Unknown. It is revealed in Assassins Unite that Samuel has another girlfriend.

Other hints in between:

  • Loretta kissed Samuel on the cheek in International Superstar.
  • Samuel bought Loretta's votes in The Punishment You Get.