You know, out of all the guys liked, you're probably the only one I really cared about.
Bianca to Samuel in Jealousy Strikes

General Information
Shipped Characters Samuel and Bianca
Length of Relationship 2011-2011
Status Dated once
Rivals Mamuel


Sianca is the romantic pairing for Samuel (S/amuel) and Bianca (B/ianca) in BABYSITTER. It is one of the rivals to Mamuel.

This pairing is also a very minor pairing, as Bianca only appeared in two episodes and hasn't been mentioned since.


Relationship #1 (2.3)

  • Start Up: Jealousy Strikes
  • Break Up: Jealousy Strikes

Reason for Break Up: Bianca over hears Samuel telling Madison that he was just using Bianca to make Madison jealous.