Madison, I'm flattered but I'm dating Veronica now.
— Steve to Madison in So...What Now?.

General Information
Shipped Characters Steve and Madison
Length of Relationship 2012-2014
Status One-sided crush (formerly; Steve's side)
Enemies (Madison's side)
Rivals Mamuel

Stadison is the romantic pairing of Steve (St/eve) and Madison (Ma/dison) in BABYSITTER. They first met in Boo, Boo Is History when Madison was at the Lost & Found looking for her cat, and Steve worked there. Steve then locked her in a room and kept her hostage when Madison rejected him. After being rescued, Madison and Samuel begin dating, leaving Steve jealous. Through out season 3, Steve is shown to continue having a crush on Madison, and offered to go out with her after she broke up with Samuel. Steve begins to go out with Veronica as of The Road...Here We Come when they get partnered up to do the CPR project together. This left any hope for Stadison in the future. Although in So...What Now, Madison temporarily falls for Steve but Steve had lost his crush on her.

It is one of the main rivals to Mamuel.

Other Pairing Names

  • Stadison - (St/eve + Ma/dison) - Official name
  • Meve - (M/adison + St/eve)
  • Sadison - (S/teve + M/adison)
  • Stevison - (Stev/e + Mad/ison)


Relationship #1 (4.09)

  • Start Up: So...What Now?
  • Break Up: So...What Now?

Reason for Break Up: Madison originally fell for Steve after she took the "potion" that made her attracted to the first person of the opposite sex she sees. To Steve's dismay, they date. Babushka and Spain set up a date for Madison and Steve, originally planning on getting Madison and Samuel back together. When the "potion" wears off, Madison and Samuel are left to question their relationship.

Other hints in between:

  • Kissed twice in Boo, Boo Is History.
  • Steve kissed Madison on the cheek in A Day In A Life As Patricia.
  • Steve kissed Madison on the cheek in Babysitter It Up. Madison's mother also mistaken them for a couple after witnessing this.